When you are asked about the most powerful and colorful of big cat species, what is going to be your answer? Yes, the answer is must be tiger. What is the most eye-catching point when you see tiger pictures? It might be their color pattern, isn’t it? Tiger has distinctive dark striping pattern on their hair and skin that no other big cats have the same pattern. Mostly, tigers have light orange to reddish in color with black strips from head to tail. Their distinctive color and pattern make them very eye-catching, don’t they?

Have you ever see tiger pictureswith white color? Yes, you might also find white tigers that have white fur with dark strips. Take a note that the recessive color of white tiger isn’t albinism. Evident has been conducted to show that the white pigment is found in their stripes. Interestingly, white tigers also have beautiful blue eyes due to their white color pigment. They are also known as Bengal tigers because they are only found in the Bengal subspecies. Different with orange Bengal tigers, white Bengal tigers tend to grow faster and somewhat bigger in size. Their unique white color make them popular as exotic animals whether to keep at zoos or as entertainment showcases.

The other characteristics of tiger are including their size. Tigers can grow as long as 4 meter and weigh up to 296 kilogram. They have powerful jaw and sharp canines to trap and kill their prey. Tigers are well-known to have the biggest canines among other big cat species as you see in the tiger pictures. The canines can grow up to 3 inches long. Tiger is also a fast predator that has muscular pair of legs. Each foot has 5 sharp claws as vital weapon against their prey. They also have large pupils and lenses to see clearly in the daytime, even 6 times clearer than humans at night.

Tigers bring a name of most powerful big cat not only due to their body strength, but also their hunting activities. Tiger tend to hunt alone and ambush their prey like most cats do. They will overpower from any angle then use their body size and strength to knock off the balance of their prey. There are lots of tiger pictures show to evident their powerful hunting activities. Their preys are large to medium-sized animals such as deer, sambar, wild board, and many others. Moreover, tiger can run speedily about 49-65 km/h despite their large body. However, it is only for a short lap when they almost reach their prey. Moreover, tigers are also known as one of most charismatic megafauna in the world. This is the reason why there are lots of tiger pictures are used as mascots or flags of sporting team.

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