Who doesn’t know this big and fluffy white creature? Polar bears are the largest bears in the world. The weight of adult males can reach up to 800 kg. If you look up on to the internet, the biggest male bear recorded from research studies weighed more than 650 kg in Ontario. You can see in the polar bear pictures that they indeed very huge! The average weight of male polar bears around 500 kg, while adult female bears are smaller and lighter around 300 kg in Ontario. The peak of their weight usually doesn’t exceed 400 kg. More polar bears facts can be read below!

Seven Polar Bears Facts

1. Where are the places to find polar bears? Polar bears mostly inhabit in the frozen wilds such as Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Norway, Russia, and Arctic.

2. These creatures are seriously big. Besides those facts above, their height can be over 2.5 long. Their huge size and weight make them the biggest living carnivores in the world.

3. Polar bears are one of well-adapted animals to survive in one of the roughest environments on Earth. They have a later of fat which called blubber that protects their bodies from the frosty air and freezing water in poles. They also have thick fur and black sin under their shining coat that will help them to soak up the Sun’s rays and keep them warm.

4. Polar bears are tremendous swimmers despite their size and bulk. They have been spotted in waters for more than 100 km offshore. Polar bears can swim comfortably at around 10km/h by using their slightly and 30 cm webbed paws like paddles in the water.

5. Those amazing mammals have an amazing sense of smell that they use to track their favorite food which is seals. Actually, polar bears’ senses of smell is really good even they can sniff out prey from more than 15 km away!

6. Another mind blowing fact is the arctic bear doesn’t have a white fluffy fur! Actually, their fur color is transparent. Thanks to the light that reflects and makes it looks like white pale tone. This color will help them a lot to blend in with their surroundings. It is a useful trick they can use when they are hunting seals! There are some of polar bear pictures below that show their fur color isn’t white!

7. Although polar bears are good swimmers, but they aren’t quick enough to catch seal when they swim in open water. They will use ice as their hunting platform. They wait on the ice’s edge near seal breathing holes for a seal to surface. Then, they will snatch it from the sea and eat it.

Enjoy our collection of funny polar bear pictures.

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