The picture here shows a pig, a domestic animal that is bred in farms. Common misconceptions about pigs are, they are so lazy and dirty. They have a disgusting habit of wallowing in the mud and eating almost everything. But then the pig is not always that bad. In some cultures, around the world, they put a pig pictures in their house as a sign of richness. The big belly and a funny face of a pig, means a sign of wellbeing, wealth, and happiness. A pig is even immortalized as a Shio, that is a characteristic sign of people depends in when they are born.

The signs pig in humans means they are lucky, social, smart at work, and knows business well. Therefore,the people with pig signs can be associated as ‘money maker’. And because of this, the pig can’t be downgraded anymore. Most of people may know how tasty a pork is. It is the meat of pig, that are different in every part of their body. If you go to a butcher, and you see the pig pictures of their meat diagram, you may know the characteristic of every meat in their body.

You can see how the pig pictures shows that their thin ear can be fried and it’ll be crispy, or their juicy loins to be made as pork chops, and their tasteful ribs to be broiled or grilled as celebratory food, because yes, their meat is so special good. It may be cruel to some people, but then it’s hard to avoid those pork, knowing how it taste, even just their oil taste good. In the butcher, there are a lot of names just for a pig meat, they are pork, ham, bacon, loins, or bellies. If you don’t remember each one, just points the pig pictures to your butcher, and they will know which names for it.

The pigs are such an iconic animal, either for their shapes or their characteristic. Having some pig pictures in your personal space not only motivates you to have a better life, but it will also cheer you up. Their body is usually round, with thin pointy ears, and funny long snout that look like a wall plug for electricity. They have a funny shaped body, and their face always looking like smiling. Their peaceful nature may calm you down when u have a bad day.

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