Top 50 Pictures of Dog, puppies (puppy) and Fun Facts. Dogs can be a true human friends, these animals will always be faithful waiting for our presence. Like the movie documentation “Hachiko” about the male dog in Japan waiting for his master at Shibuya station, Tokyo. Until finally a sculptor named Teru Ando is touched by the story of Hachiko sculpting the statue that you can now see in the Shibuya Statute, Tokyo. To get to know more about your loyal pet follows some facts you might not know about dogs, pictures of dog lovers.

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Dogs are not color blind. Pictures of dog lovers must have heard the myth that dogs are actually color-blind, can only see black and white. But actually dogs are not color-blind, they can distinguish colors. Although unlike humans can see millions of colors, dogs in reality do not always see everything in black and white.Indeed, Dogs can not distinguish colors between green and red, but dogs can see colors in the form of yellow or blue shadows.

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Dogs Can Eat Vegetables and Fruits. It is not uncommon for dogs to be portrayed as carnivorous animals that most of their food coverage is meat.But do pictures of dog lovers know that dogs actually like raw vegetables and fruits? These vegetables and fruits act as a food snack that makes their body, skin, and fur healthier. Plus, the texture of the vegetables makes their teeth white compared to eating only meat.But keep in mind to avoid vegetables in the form of onions or raisins from your dog. It can lead to toxins for animals.

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Never Give Chocolate. As a dog lover you may have heard of myths about chocolate that can be toxic to dogs. If most myths are wrong, this one is true. Chocolate contains the chemical content of Theobromine and is a toxin that can be fatal to the dog when consumed between 100-150 mg of the total weight of the Dogs. If your dog says the weight is 10 kg, then 1-1.5 grams of Theobromine content in chocolate can be a fatal poison for your beloved dog.

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Dogs who are quieter, live longer than aggressive dogs. A research done in June of 2010 by The American Naturalist of 56 species of dogs, the study sought to find out various factors that determine the energy, personality, growth and lifespan of dogs.It turned out that dogs with aggressive or fierce would die young. The opposite is also true: dogs that are less aggressive will have a longer life span.

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