There will be bunch of picture of cats below. But before that, let me show you something about cat that you haven’t heard before!

Female cats mature sexually by the age of 6-10 months, while the male cat at the age of 9-12 months. Meanwhile, the average number of kittens in one birth is 2-6 tail. Snoring of the cat does not always show the cat in a comfortable state becausecats will also do the same thing and harder when in a state of stress or pain. All cats require taurine in the diet to prevent blindness. Cats should also consume some fat in the diet because they can not produce their own fat. When a cat rubs against your legs or body, it is marking you with its smell and declares you as its owner! Wow! Did your cat do it to you, picture of cats lovers?

The average age of cats who live outside the home about 3-5 years, while living in the house can reach the age of 16 years or longer.The cat’s front leg has 5 fingers and 4 fingers on the back leg. Cats born with 6 or 7 fingers on the front leg and extra fingers on the back foot are called polidaktil and an adult cat has 30 teeth, 16 in the upper jaw and 14 in the lower jaw.There are about 9600 hairs per cm2 of upper skin and about 19200 strands of hair per cm2 of lower skin.

The cat’s tongue can not feel because of the lack of sensory nerve sensors on the tongue. Humans have about 9000 sensory nerve sensors on the tongue, while the cat has only 473 pieces. Cat’s appetite is mainly influenced by the smell not the taste of food. Why the cat meowing on fellow cats? The cat meows as a social signal to fellow cats. This social signal can be a sign that he needs help, feel good, or be satisfied. Have you wondered why your cat is always sleep, picture of cats lover? It is because they need it to charge his body for hunting. When hunting, cats using energy suddenly, massively, and quickly in order to catch the game efficiently and why do cats bury food? As a food supply. As the dog, when it is full but there is still food, the cat will bury it so as not taken by another animal.

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