Who doesn’t love when seeing the cute panda pictures? Although they are doing nothing, they are simply one of the cutest animals in the world. Their distinctive black and white appearance, especially the black round fur surrounding their eyes shaped like black glasses, becomes the only special features to differentiate them with other bear classes. Their fur is very thick with unique pattern. It is like they are wearing a full white coat with black marking on the legs, around the shoulders, ears, and eyes. At the back, they have a cute white tails.

In most of panda pictures, you might often see they always munch on bamboo. Golden bamboo is their most favorite foods. Almost 99% of their diet is consuming fresh bamboo, especially the leaves, tender stems and shoots parts that rich in nutrition and lower in fibrin. They need 12-38 kilograms food per day or approximately 40% of their own weight. However, they also consume other foods, for example fruits like apple or other well-selected feeds made from soybean, corn, or wheat. Even, the wild giant panda who lives in the nature hunt small animals such as mice only once in a while to support their needs of ample nutrition. Pandas spend half a day or about 14 hoursto eating at night, while the rest half a day to sleeping in the daytime. Unlike most of wild bear, pandas don’t built dent to sleep or hibernate. They simply lay down on the ground or on the tree after climbing.

You should know that panda is a good climber and swimmer. Climbing trees are their way to propose to their partners, evade stronger competitor, and runaway from danger. Not only very nimble in climbing, they also can run rapidly while feeling any danger. This is why you will often see panda pictures while they are climbing on trees. Yet, they don’t like living in group. They prefer freedom for being alone, except during mating season. Panda also has docile temperament that often lower their head like feeling shy when come across a man for the first time.

Do you know that panda is a native animal from China? Their main habitat is in western central China. This is the reason why panda become a ‘national treasure’ for China. Most of panda pictures or symbols are used to represent diplomacy of China. Even, there are lots of program offered related to panda. For example, there is volunteering program where you have to take care of them. Or, you can join entertainment program called ‘panda tour’ which you can see and learn more about them directly. Are you interested?

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