Looking for an idea of stationary? You may pick owl pictures for your stationary. You will not only choose owl as the cute thing, but there are greatest meanings behind owl. As a nocturnal, owl has great symbolization. Sometimes we may find owl used for academic symbolism. There is a strong meaning behind that symbolization. Owl has a meaning as intelligence so that it usually find for academic symbolization. This one reason is why you can use owl as your stationary pattern and ornament. What we can make from owl pattern as stationary? From pencil to notebook, you can make everything.

For the first, you can make your own notebook. You may be bored with same pattern of notebook that sell on the shops. From now you can use the beautiful owl pictures for a cover of your notebook. You can look for the cutest one or the beautiful one as you want. Then, design it to be greater for cover notebook. After that, print the design and gather some of paper to make a notebook. In some minutes, you can have an authentic and unique notebook that covered by owl pattern.

As we know, owl has good meaning. Based on Native Americans’ belief, owl is symbolized as a keeper of sacred knowledge and wisdom. So, the owl pictures must be perfect to put on the cover of your notebook. As the symbol of knowledge, owl will bring some brilliant ideas and knowledge then your notebook comes as a tool to keep all the knowledge that you get. You can make a big notebook with some of small pieces of note that can be used for writing all of your lectures. Besides, you can also make an agenda that has different pattern to make it catchier to bring to school.

Then, you can also paint your pencil with owl pictures. If you are type of a teenager who like to paint everything, you can draw it on your pencil. However, you can also juts print the owl pattern then glue it around on your pencils. If you have not have too much time to draw it alone, you can look for the pencil with a pattern. There are a lot of pencils that have owl pattern on the shop. Then, you can also easily make a pencil case that has an icon of owl that will bring more luck for your school day.

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