Decoration is the most interesting part for home. You can find and make everything that will give best atmosphere for your room. If you are looking for the best painting for home, you may choose monkey pictures. Besides can be used for painting, monkey pattern or even monkey wallpaper is something cute that can be used for decoration. Some people might think that monkey is too scary to be displayed. In contrast, we can find the artistic side of monkey. It is not scary when we can get the best picture of it. We can place it everywhere for every side of our house.

The monkey pictures can be placed in your living room. Typically, people may place horse painting in living room. To get different color, you can choose monkey as the best painting. Moreover, monkey painting also will give some of the atmosphere in nature. As we know, monkey can swing around tree to tree. It will bring a freedom when people look at the painting. If you cannot find a painting of monkey, you can also place monkey statue or display that can be placed around your living room. Don’t make it too much, you may place it more than 10 displays in a room since it will be over for a room.

After that, you can also place a monkey pictures in your bedroom. You can place it on the top of your bed or near television. It will be the perfect choice when it comes for decoration. For bedroom, you can choose the soft color. You cannot choose as wild as in the living room concept. Since bedroom is for the rest place, you can choose a monkey painting that has soft color and soft theme. When choosing a painting, make sure the painting is match for the concept of your room.

Moreover, if you want to take monkey pattern as wallpaper for children’s room you can take it. Nowadays, you can easily find the cute wallpaper that is for children. Besides to make it cute, the monkey pictures in children’s room also will help you to introduce type of animals. Different from monkey painting that has real image, monkey wallpaper for children room has the animation image that must be softer and cutest than the real one so your children might not be scary. Find the best one and match one so the room will look great.

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