When you get a question ‘what is the king of the jungle?’, then the answer will be directly towards this animal. Yes, it is lion. When you see lion pictures, some might wonder why this title is referred to lion when there are lots of other animals bigger than them. Even, not all the lion lives in the jungle instead in an open country. Well, according to some academics, the word ‘jungle’ is derived from Hindi word ‘janggala’ referred to open-savannah like terrain. It’s very different with the jungle that understood by British English as thick tropical forest.This is because there are no tropical forests in India, only open savannah that become the main habitat of Indian lion. This ‘jungle’ is where, we can say that, lion is at the top of food chain.

But, when you see lion pictures carefully you will get a point why lion is crowned with the title of king. A male lion has highly distinctive mane that resembles a natural crown. His feature provides him with a king look makes them appear larger to gives an intimidating display. Only lion that has this distinctive mane, not even tiger, cheetah, or other big cats. Although elephant is the biggest animal on the ground but they are too slow, not showing how a king should be. One more point, lion has the loudest roar among any big cat even can be heard up to 8-km away. Once they show their loudest roar, the sound will be very intimidating.

In the lion pictures when they are in the nature, you might often see they always in groups. Yes, it is because their nature is living in groups or close family group called ‘prides’. Lions among the prides are working together to defend their territory from other animals. However, female lions are the one who spend most of time to hunting. Their hunting strategy is also by working in group. They use their hunting intelligent to catch prey in group rather than alone because the prey might faster than them.

Those great natures of lion make them as the symbols of strength and courage. As the ‘king of jungle’, lion are also become the symbols for royalty and stateliness. You can read in various old stories about these characteristics of lion. This is the reason why most of symbol with lion pictures are used to show those great meaning.

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