Judging from giraffe pictures, this creature are known for spotted coals, its long neck as well as the long and spindly legs as their identity. Most giraffes have a white, yellow, or tan coats which are spotted with brown and square shapes. In fact, this creature is the tallest creature on the planet Earth. Based on the research, the neck of a Giraffe is 1.8 meters and it weighs about 272 kilograms. Thus, their legs are also 6 feet long .Female giraffe can grow up to 4.3 m tall and weigh up to 680 kg. Meanwhile, male giraffe can grow up to 5.5 m and weigh up to 1,360 kg.

Surprisingly, they have unusually skinny legs with such a huge body. But their bone are specially structure that allow them to support massive weight. Their organs and other body parts are also quite huge. You can find giraffe mostly in savannas throughout Africa. Savannas have open woodlands which have bushes and scattered tress which make it a perfect habitat for those animals. What about their habits? Giraffes are so social animal that they don’t have any territory. According to the U.S Geological Survey, a group of giraffe is properly called as a tower. Typically, towers have 10 to 20 members. Some of them are the blending of males, females and their children.

According to the Animal Diversity Web, members of tower are allowed to join and go as they want. According to PBS Nature, giraffe has a unique fact that they only sleep around 20 minutes or maybe less per day. In fact, staying awake most of the time will helps them to be constantly aware of predators. They usually sleep in quick power naps mode which just last for a couple of minutes. Another fact of giraffe is that they have two-hair covered horns which called ossicones. For male giraffes, they use ossicones to fight playfully with one another. They also “necking” which is fight by swinging their head at one another and tangling their necks.

Since giraffes only eat plants, it means that they are herbivores. They long neck benefit them to reach leaves, fruits, buds, branches, and seeds high up in acacia and mimosa trees. According to National Geographic, giraffes can eat hundreds of pounds of week every week. Moreover, they also can go without drinking for several weeks at a time. They get their moisture mostly from leaves that they eat.

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