Before seeing the compilation of cute & funny cat picture (with memes), you should read the fact of cat that you need to know as a cat lover. So, without further due, let’s check this out!

It has been scientifically proven that stroking cats is one way to lower our blood pressure! The average age of cats is 15-16 years. Didn’t you know that cats have a very sensitive nervous system? Cats can rise to a height of 5 times their height. Cats also breathe as much as 20-40 times per minute. Cats have excellent olfactory power. This is the reason why cats will not use dirty trashcans. And they also have good hearing. Cats hate the smell of perfume. They also hate the smell of oranges and lemons! So don’t give oranges and lemons to your cat, my dear funny cat picture lovers!

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Cats think of areas that have the smell of ammonia as an area of elimination. So, it is not recommended to use ammonia to clean up the cat’s urine odor. A cat knows the change in your mood, and sometimes it will show up your cat.In some of the country, cat sounds is different. For instance in Indonesia, the sound of cats is often written with the word “Meong”. In America, the sound of cats is often written with “Meow”.

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In England, the sound of a cat is written, “Miaow”. Different with Japan, it is often written with the word “Nya”.Cats are very clean animals. They often take care of themselves by licking their hair. Saliva or their saliva is a powerful cleansing agent. But it can attack allergies in humans. Sometimes the cat spits out the type of hair or hair that accumulates in the stomach.

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Did the funny cat picture lovers know that a cat can get energy by sleeping more often? The length of cat sleep varies between 12 and 16 hours per day, with an average rate of 13-14 hours. But it is not uncommon to find a cat that sleeps for 20 hours in one day. Cat flap which is usually on the door of the house, was first discovered by Sir Isaac Newton, the inventor of the law of gravity. Cattails are used to keep the balance, especially when it is up or being. Cats eat the grass with the aim of improving digestion and helps remove hair swallowed and pile up in the stomach.

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