You may often see cat as a pet, and maybe you find that yourself is having affection toward the cat. If you are a cat lover, before seeing the cat pics, please read the unique facts about the cat below:

Cats have 230 bones, which is 24 times more than humans. The cat does not have a collarbone, so they can be able to go through the gap as wide as their head. The cat’s body flexibility is amazing, its front legs can be rotated in all directions and half of the motion can move in the opposite direction. Cat’s hearing is more sensitive than human and dogs. Limit of cat hearing is 65 khz, while humans 20 khz. Cats have the largest eyes compare with other mammals. Even though they have the largest eyes, cats can not see in total darkness, however, they can see better during the night. Cat eyes have a light reflecting film called tapetum that can serve to strengthen the incoming light of the retina.

Did you know that the cat can see up to 185 degress? Wow! That must be fascinating, it is? Cats also have a sense of smell of 20-80 million olfactory cells, while humans are only 5-20 million. Normal cat pulse is in between 110-170 pulses per minute (if you want to check the pulse on the hamstrings in the joints that connect the legs to the body) for the cat pics lovers, you must know that the normal cat body temperature is 102 ° F or 38.8 ° C.

The domestic cat that you might found in near your neighborhood can run at 31 miles per hour. Each cat has a very distinctive nose pad, so there will not be two cats that have the same nose prints. Female cats are better than male, probably because female’s voice have a higher peak. People who are allergic to cats are generally allergic to cat’s saliva. To determine the age equality of cats with the age of the person, start with 20 years as the age of the first year of the cat, then add 4 years of human life for every age of the cat. For example: If your cat is 4 years old then his age is 20 years (for 1 year old) plus 3 x 4 years, is same as the age of 32 years in person.

There’s all the unique fact that maybe you haven’t known before. So, here’s the cat pics…

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