Look how fluffy they are! They have soft bushy tails, that is so adorable. Don’t you think these fox pictures making you wanting to have one? They’re like a dog, only leaner, don’t you think? Seeing this fox pictures today is making your day better. Don’t you wonder how do they live? How do they eat? With such a small snout, eating small animal, or berries, will be sufficient for them, right? It is only a picture, but having one as a pet is a considerable thing that can be done.

Nevertheless, they are now considered rare, it may be extinct soon if people can’t control possessing this exotic animal. That is too bad though, but the sadness of not having any fox as a pet, can be cured by just seeing the fox pictures. Right now, technologies are awesome anyway, maybe sooner or later there will be fluffy robot that shaped like fox, as a pet. Seeing this fox pictures will make you remember the story of the fox marriage in Japan. On how it would be bad luck if we peek the fox marriage, and if they notice it- you may die. Or any European children story about foxes, that tell the foxes are mostly a trickster.

They are known for their cunningness maybe because of theiropportunistic behaviour that made them smart to hunt.In another Asian folklore, the foxes are depicted to be a strong spirit with magical power and having nine identical tails, they can even shapeshift as a human too. Sighting of these spirits could mean bad or good luck, depends on who sees it. The fox picture could be found anywhere around the world, with many different perceptions of it.As fluffy and cute they are, the fox will always be mysterious, because of their ‘cunning’ face, that look like they use eyeliner for the black stripes around their eye. It looks like they have something to hide, at most that’s how people perceive it.

By having a fox picture, it may inspire you to be as smart or swift like them. But usually, the fox pictures can always make you happy. Definitely because their lovely colours, that contrast with the wild or just because they are just so cute. For whatever reason is, the fox, even just the image of it, already been known as totally adorable animals in a lot of animal lover’s heart.

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