A picture means a thousand words, and the eagle pictures means a thousand words of freedom. It is always the human dream to fly like a bird. Flying with airplane is not the same as flying by yourself, the airplane is just a transportation and we are packed together in a limited container. So much different than being an eagle fly by its own wings and having the sensation of all those empty spaces in the sky. Seeing the pictures of an eagle, will have those kinds of feelings of being an eagle itself. Those piercing sharp eyes with majestic wings, and not to forget the clear blue-sky background, has always making sense of integrity, responsibility, and most of all, freedom.

Especially to those who lives in the city, wanting freedom and spaces from all the crowds. An ‘eagle eye’, is a trait that is admirable to have, which means the one who has a keen eyesight. Of course, not only the eye of an eagle that is the wanted by humans, all of those other masculine features such as strong claw, large wings, and mighty beak, makes the eagle structurally eye pleasing. The eagle is an inspiration to humans, therefore, the eagle pictures, is a perfect go-to images when you are not feeling your best at work.

And how the humans crave for powers unconsciously, humans havea tendency to relate more to alpha independent animals than a tame laid-back llama. Remembering how a lot of big nation’s mascot is a predatory animal, means that the fierce animals always been a dream for us to be, it pushes us to be better and stronger. It might be the reason why the motivational image in your boss’s office is the eagle pictures.

Even without words a picture of an eagle is already self-fulfilling. We all know that an eagle is the king of the sky, just like a lion as the king of the jungle. These top chained predators are the reasons why all of those small animals run in haste, scared in need of protection. That is why the eagle pictures give the motivational needs of being dominant, it’s like saying “Yes I owned this!”. To feel like a king, seeing all the problems being small, just like how the eagle sees the earth from up above the sky. Because, as a king, there is no problem too big nor to difficult.

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