You may not see an image of a donkey as something special. The donkey itself doesn’t have anything that make people jealous of it traits, it even does the opposite. A donkey pictures may make you think of the dumb Ass they are. And, no, I am not saying any rude word, the donkey nickname is an Ass, it is short from their Latin name Equus africanus asinus. And the more you know how thebad images came from. Their stubbornness is one of the reason why humans mark them as a stupid animal. They’re hard to command, and they have a distinctly loud noise.

So much different than the other Equus, the horse. The horse image is more of a reliable animal, tall and beautiful, with mesmerizing mane, unlike the image of the donkey. Even though they are in the same family, but they have a completely different image. The donkey is like the stepbrother of the horse who are often get bullied, at least by human. The donkey is worldwide known as a difficult animal; therefore, they can only understand one or two commands. If you are searching for a donkey images displayed as an idolized animal in some houses, you may not find it. But you can find these images easily in a children books.

Knowing their funny traits as an animal, they are often written as a lesson, to not be something like the donkey. The donkey images are often drawn being clumsy, and strong-willed, until one day they are being hit, or fall, or ruining any stocks on their backs. These traits that the donkeys have, is what makes them un-idolize-able. The images of a donkey may ring words like “stupid”, “hard-headed”, and “poor”, because they are a poorly mistreated animal.

Despite the donkey images doesn’t give in any motivational or inspiring feelings, they have good characteristic as well. They are actually stronger than horse, due to their fatter build, and their shorter legs, it makes them able to bring more luggage to human than horse. And they can actually make a good bodyguard for sheep, goats and chickens. It’s a shame that these positive donkey images, doesn’t make up to most people. Just like human, every animal has their own positive quality about them, and they have the bad one too. The donkeys have bad images for all over the years, we forget that their good quality as well.

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