Have you ever watched Free Willy? The movie that released in 1993 is about the relationship between a rebellious captive dolphin and an emotionally troubled young boy. The movie received positive critics and was a commercial success. In this movie, we get knowledge about dolphin. But it’s not enough, don’t you think? So, for those who love dolphin and looking for dolphin pictures, we will give you other facts and pictures about dolphin!

Actually, dolphin is a highly intelligent marine animal. This mammal is also a part of the family of toothed whales which include pilot and orcas whales. They are mostly found worldwide. You can find them in shallow seas of the continental shelves. They can also live in tropical and temperate oceans all over the world. Five species of dolphins can be found in the world’s rivers. Dolphin is carnivore, mostly eating fish and sometimes squid. If you take a look at our dolphin pictures, there are variety in dolphin colors. But, the most common color is gray with darker backs than the rest of its bodies.

What are dolphin behaviors? Well, they are known for their playful and agility behavior. Those behaviors makes them a favorite of wildlife watchers. Most species will leap out of the water and rise vertically to see their surroundings. Sometimes they will follow ships. When they do this, they often synchronizing their movements with one another. A study found that dolphin converse energy when they swim alongside ship. This is also called as “bow-riding”.

Dolphin doesn’t live alone, they live in social groups consists of five to several hundreds. They have a useful ability called echolocation. It is a biological sonar that used to located and identify the objects. When dolphins emit calls out to the environment, they will listen to echoes of those that returns calls from various objects near them. Dolphins often use echolocation to find prey and hunt them together. For example if their prey is a school of fish, they will surround them and taking turns swimming trough the school and slowly catch the fishes. Another way to hunt their prey is by following seabirds, other whales, and fishing boats to seek opportunity on their fish that they discard or scare up.

If we talk about charismatic animals, dolphin is absolutely belong to the list. They are significantly intelligent, extremely popular, and scientifically sophisticated. Moreover, they also loved by many people from children to adult. Dolphins are known as animal that help their peers, have strong bond within their pod, and also curious. Now let’s take a look at beautiful dolphin pictures below. Don’t you love them even more?

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