Do you like cats? Any idea why cats always buried their shit? Or rubbing his body into our legs? Apparently all these things have a scientific reason. So, here there are, the explanations based on the evolution of cats, cute cat picture lovers!

Why do cats bring dead animals home? That’s a sign that the cat considers the homeowner incompetent in hunting. He shows his ability to hunt and tries to teach his “master” how to find a meal correct. But, because the “master” not good at hunting, the cat bring him food. Have you wonder, cute cat picture lovers, why do cats bury their feces and pee in certain areas? Only the inferior cat buries dirt. In the animal world, there is alpha and inferior animals. An alpha animal is a territorial ruler because of its strength or other physical qualities. An inferior animal should not behave like an alpha animal because it means challenging a duel of alpha animals. Alpha cats may remove dirt carelessly without burying. Cats alpha may piss at random place. Whether removing dirt or pee is a sign that the area is his territory. While inferior cats that remove dirt in the area must bury the dirt to be unknown by alpha. He also had to pee in a special area allowed by the alpha. So, if your cat buries his shit and pee in that spot-that’s all, your cat is not a cock hero.

Why a cat is angry at people that they did not know, cute cat picture lovers? That’s a sign of domination. Cats show their existence as individuals. The act of looking directly into his eyes is a sign of conflict and the cat may be angry even though the gaze is brief. The unknown smell of cats should avoid the eye contact in order not to signal the conflict. And why do cats hiss at birds? It is because it’s a sign of defeat. Cats are not able to catch the bird as a prey so as to show their resentment by hissing.

Why cat hit softly with the front legs? That’s a sign of comfort. Cats hitting gently on your body that she thought her mother’s breast. The mother is a shelter and shelter for the kitten. Why do cats eat grass? Cats eat grass as fresh vegetables. Cats are carnivore, but they also need vegetable and protein for the smooth digestion. And why do cats scratch the walls? It’s to sharpen their nails in order to grip more powerful prey.

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