When you see cow pictures, what kind of thought is in your mind? Beef, milk, or others? Yes, cattle or colloquially cows are one of livestock raised for their meat, produced dairy milk or other dairy products, their leather, and their dung for manure or fuel. Sometimes, cattle are raised as draft animals to pull plows, carts, or other implements. Cows have become an integral part of human living.

However, do you that in some region cow becomes a sacred creature? Especially in India, cow has significant religious meaning. India is dominated with Hinduism which believes taboo against beef or slaughtering cow for consumption is sinfulness. The reason is, in Hindu tradition, there is a belief that a soul is present in all living beings. So, they put the highest ethical value to never violate all creatures, including cows. Especially, the god in Hindu Krisna, or the incarnation of Vishnu, often associated with cows. You can see the cow pictures shown they comfortably sit beside the god Krisna listening to his music. So, endearment and respect for cows have become integral to their theology and tradition.

Cattle or cows have various breeds which each of them has their own characteristics. Mostly, each breed has certain color as you can see their differences from variouscow pictures. For example, Holsteins breeding have cow print characteristic or black and white color. Devons breeding have a deep reddish-brown color. Dutch Belteds breeding have black coat with a distinct white belt around their belly. Herefords breeding have brown reddish body with white head. Meanwhile, Brahman breeding have wide range of color from light grey to almost black. The other breeds have variation of color from one specimen to another.

You can often see in cow pictures that most of them spend their time at grassland or pasture. They come in groups or herds to graze on the grass because grasses are their main favorite food. Do you know that cow has a well-developed sense of taste to distinguish tastes? Yes, cows possess around 20,000 taste buds which can distinguish sweet, salty, bitter, and sour easily. Moreover, cows are ruminant that have specialized digestive system to allow using poorly digestible plants as food. Unlike human, cows have one stomach with 4 compartments. Cows are popular for their re-chewing their food or known as cud chewing. So, you might often see them sitting down while chewing although they have been finished grazing.

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