If you take a look at bird pictures that you can find on the internet, you have to admit that birds are included into the most beautiful and bizarre creatures in the world. With over 9000 species, you can find this fine feathered friend almost in every part of the planet. They make their own homes in the humid rainforest of South America, in the frozen expanses of Antarctica, in the dry savanna in Africa, and every climate in between. Here are some amazing bird pictures and facts you might not know about birds. What are those facts and pictures?

Birds Facts You Might Not Know

1. Ostriches have the biggest eyes among any land animal
Yep, it’s true. Ostrich eyes are the biggest among any animal that lives on land. Although they can’t even rival some of the gigantic creatures that live in the depths of the sea, they are the winner if we compare to any land animal. They have the biggest size of eyes which is approximately the size of a billiard ball. That’s size is actually bigger than their brains!

2. Ravens are great at mimicking
This is quite mind-blowing knowing that ravens are great mimicking our speech and sounds! Ravens in the wild are not likely to pick up our language. On the other hand, they can become quite talkative when they are in captivity. Even some ravens are better at mimicking human speech rather than parrots does. Not to mention that they can mimicking the sounds from our world such as toilet flushing or car engines revving. Meanwhile, ravens in the wild can mimicking other animals. They will mimicking predators like foxes or wolves to attract them into tasty carcass that they will unable to break open on their own.

3. Owls eat their prey whole
This fact would never ever cross your mind, right? When owls eat larger animals such as rabbits or raccoons, for example, they will tear them apart into more manageable and bit-sizes pieces. But, when they eat smaller animals such as mice or insects, they will simply swallow them whole. Then they will throw up pellets full of indigestible parts of their meal like animal fur and.

4. Ducks sleep with one eye open
Not all, but some ducks can sleep with one eye open. This happened when they nap in groups. The ducks on the outside will keep guard other ducks by sleeping with one eye open. When the other ducks sleep more deeply, those that keep guard also keep one side of their brain awake to prevent predators that will sneak up on them.

That’s about bird fact, now let’s enjoy the beauty of bird pictures below!

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