When you look at bear pictures, you will a strong and huge creature. In the world of spirit animal, the bear is associated with strength, confidence, and grounding forces. But, is it true that bear considered as one of strong animals in the world? Here’s a bunch of bear pictures to make you understand the species as well as bear facts that you might not know.

This species mostly found in parts of Washington, Wyoming, and Montana as well as western Canada and Alaska. Currently, Russia has a brown bears healthy population in the world. Small individual populations are spread throughout parts of Europe and Asia. Check brown bear pictures below and you will see that they have variety of colors from blonde, light brown, brown, or almost black. The size range greatly depends on general food availability and geographic location. “Big brown” is the largest brown bear in the world that inhabit along the coast of Russia and Alaska. They growing to large sizes even they can rivaling the Polar Bear. The mountains of Europe and Grizzly Bear which is the interior bears of the North American Rocky Mountains are much smaller than Big Brown. The biggest bears which weight 700 kg are now very rare.

Just like its name, this bear can be found in North America. This species is the most common bear in the State of Florida, Alaska, and Canada. The color of this species are mostly brown and black color. Meanwhile, the white color bear is rarer and they mostly found in north western British Columbia, Canada. North American Black Bear is omnivorous. Their diet is typically vegetable matter. Male bears reach their full size around 8 years of age. Female bears produce their cubs at 5 to 7 years of age.  Meanwhile, bears that inhabit in the boreal forest region such as Ontario, they mate and produce cubs at 8 years of age. This bear can weigh up to 280 kg. North American Black Bear can live up to 25 years in the wild. Unfortunately, older black bears never reach old age due to human activity such as hunting.

Also known as Himalayan black bear or moon bear, this species have long black fur with peculiar white patch on their chest. The fur around throat and shoulders is particularly long. Asiatic black bear inhabit in eastern Asia including Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Mongolia, Russian Federation, and Bangladesh. This bear are more carnivorous than American bears. The bears that live in northern climates are hibernate and vice versa.

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