What is in your mind when you see dragon pictures? You might wonder what is going to be happened if this legendary creature really exists today. Yes, dragons maybe become the most powerful creature in the world, won’t they? In the myths books, although dragons were imagined as creatures that have reptilian traits but they can do fire-spewing and flying with their big wings. You might be can’t find the same creatures like dragons today.

The greatest thing about dragon is that they are mostly depicted as giant serpent. Although we can’t compare directly through dragon pictures but they are depicted to have similar size like dinosaurs. Mostly in the myths, dragons are described as dangerous creatures so human are afraid with them. Looking at dragon’s habitat, there are different kinds of dragons. There are dragons that living in the mountains or huge caves. They can be dragons that do and don’t have wings. Dragons that have wings mean they are also living and flying around in the skies. Meanwhile, there are also water dragons that are living in the seas or big rivers. Although they are living underwater, there are some myths depicted them as creature that can fly in the sky too.

Looking back to the past history, there were two popular cultural traditions of the origin of dragon. In Asian, mostly in East and South Asian countries, dragons are depicted as serpentine creatures with four legs and wingless. However, Chinese dragons are the most popular for having above-average intelligence, so they are being exalted as sacred creatures. You might often see dragons pictures are carved in the most traditional Chinese buildings. Different in Europe, dragons are depicted with reptilian traitsthat have four legs and a set of wings so they mostly can fly. But, in European myths, dragons are depicted to have animal level intelligence, so they are simply treated as part of strong creatures.

Unfortunately, we can only see them on the books or internet. Still, those dragon pictures help us to know and understand what kind of sacred creatures that have become a part of myths of world cultures. This is the reason why dragons have been used a lot as zodiac symbols, logogram, designs, role playing game, and many more. You can also see them in the most modern fantasy genre books or movies. In the real life, although we can’t see dragons anymore but maybe we can compare dragons with crocodile, komodo, or salamander like a baby dragon.

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